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Bi-monthly International Newsletter

Publication Began With Issue #1 SEPT. 1972,
Ending With Issue #55 SEPT.-OCT. 1981


This most unique publication features international observations, letters, and tests showing PYRAMID and other form-energy devices at work. Incoming data reveals how even small replicas of the Great Pyramid of Giza apparently mummify, preserve meat, poultry, fish and other organic substances; sharpen cutlery, including razor blades, knives, scissors... even electric razors. A wide array of other manifestations appear such as, meditation enhancement, accelerated plant growth, and activities in nature not readily explained by our physical sciences.

Little known discoveries (try finding this information in your local library), show how model representations of the Great Pyramid - when the panels are aligned with the cardinal points of the compass - gather energies manifesting at both outside and inside corners, along the ridges, above and below the apex and a host of other emanations such as vortices causing dowsing rods and pendulums to gyrate above the models. The wide variety of force-fields activate wands, Aurameter, swing rods, and similar divining instruments. These energies are sometimes felt by operators, without the aid of any mechanical device whatsoever.

Energy of form, (free energy), experiments join cogent comments from researchers throughout our planet; supplemented by rare photos, hard to find graphs, illustrations, and measurements for making your own pyramid models (table sized to thirty foot high prototypes). All can be found within the pages of THE PYRAMID GUIDE

The 'Guide's multi-faceted character adds feature articles covering twenty-five years of tests and remarkable findings by the world renown, and late Dowsing Mentor, Verne L. Cameron, showing his work with pyramids, spheres, cubes, hemispheres, cylinders and other geometric forms; all of these, and cone-shapes, act as self accumulating-generating shapes of some type of Cosmic energy and innumerable bands of solar, lunar, light, electric, magnetic, auric, vitic, and psychic energies vibrating in our earth plane.

The study includes reports on bio-energetics, psychotronics, PK phenomena, the Hieronymus Box (Eloptic Energy), Dowsing machines, music, and color of the spheres, telepathic and energy awareness, the human aura, wavefronts from all animate substances and inanimate objects, Bio-Feedback, Kirlian photography and other research related to Pyramid and form energy.

See also our NEW download page for a PDF/Scanned version of the Pyramid Guide.

Pyramid Guide Newsletter