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Pyramid Guide Newsletter in PDF

Pyramid Guide Newsletter in PDF


Bill Cox was an instructor, professional consultant and avid researcher of the marginal sciences for over 40 years. Bill participated in more than 20 exploratory team expeditions to Egypt, Mexico, South America, India, Europe, Japan and other parts of the world in search of information, which would validate the existence of intuitive (subjective) physics.  He made extensive experiments involving: measurements, orientation, electrical, magnetic, ionic and sound tests; obtaining surprising scientific results about knowledge and wisdom, apparently once known to ancient seers. These results could not easily be explained away in terms of modern science.

For nine years Bill edited and published 55 editions of the international, bi-monthly newsletter called the Pyramid Guide. The Pyramid Guide emphasized research and experiments dealing with "Form (Pyramid) Energy", among those of geometric cavity resonators.

In addition Bill was interviewed on numerous television and radio shows as a leading expert and writer on the subject of the "marginal sciences."

Now we are happy to make these Pyramid Guide publications available to you on line. Enjoy their wisdom and may they open your mind to new and exciting research about our ancient heritage.

This is a downloadable product of the Pyramid Guide which has been scanned and placed in a PDF container with a table of contents.