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Pyramid Connecting Corners Kits - Copper Plated
Completed Pyramid

Pyramid Connecting Corners Kits - Copper Plated


Copper powder coat plated, very durable

Pyramid Connecting Corners Kits

Many people would like to build their own pyramid, but have difficulty in arriving at the exact angles and connecting the constructing parts. We are proud to present the most precise and finest Connector Kit on the market, enabling you to erect your own pyramid in any size you desire. The Apex and Corners are fabricated to an exact 51º - 51' conforming to the precise angles of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

Your Connector Kit contains five Copper powder coat plated, Hand-Crafted, Precision Engineered Corners. Very durable!

Complete instruction for measurements and assembly included.

Note: Copper tubing not included. You will need to purchase 5/8" outside diameter Copper Tubing from your local metal supplies dealer or hardware store. 

On Right - Pyramid kit assembled with tubing (not included).