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Pet Pyramid - Full Kit - 4'x4' - 32" High - Copper Frame

Pet Pyramid - Full Kit - 4'x4' - 32" High - Copper Frame


Pet Pyramid Kit

Creatures are magnetically attracted to Pyramid replicas.

Testimonials from several sources, demonstrate that pets of all kinds thrive under, or within open-frame pyramids. Dogs and cats are observed to respond to this unique, form-energy environment in harmonious ways.

Our beautifully designed kit is easily assembled. The polished Aluminum or Copper Connecting Corners and Lotus Apex, are all engineered and machine hand-crafted. Each part has been fashioned to the required 51º 51' degree angles of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The Pet Pyramid is approximately 32" high with base side lengths of 4'x4'

Each Pet Pyramid is shipped in two parcels complete with Eight Tubings, Five polished, Hand-Crafted Connectors, Apex Crown and Fastener Set Screw Wrench and Magnetic Compass.

Note: due to size all full pyramid kits are shipped by FedEx. Please use this shipping option when placing your order. Thank you.