About Bill Cox – Instructor & Professional Locator

Bill Cox, (whose friend and mentor was the late Verne L. Cameron) has been an instructor, professional dowsing consultant and avid researcher of the marginal sciences for over forty years. A major field of experience and investigation has been in the area of Dowsing (Radiesthesia). Bill is the author of a number of books and articles on Dowsing and the ancient, rediscovered science of Form Energy.


Compatible with this work, Bill has made a thirty year study of the two-thousand year old, oriental landform, earth-sky, energy-placement science of Feng Shui and the various prephysical forces operating in the invisible side of life.

Bill has participated in more than 20 exploratory team expeditions to Egypt, Mexico, South America, India and Islands of the world in search of information to validate the existence of intuitive (subjective) physics. Together with team members, he has made extensive tests involving measurements, orientation, electrical, magnetic, ionic and sound tests obtaining surprising scientific results. Certain knowledge and wisdom, apparently known to ancient seers, is not easily explained away in terms of modern science.


For nine years Bill edited and published 55 editions of the international, bi-monthly newsletter called the Pyramid Guide. The Guide emphasized research and experiments dealing with Form (Pyramid) Energy, among those of other geometric cavity resonators. In addition, he has appeared on numerous television and radio programs as a leading expert and writer of investigations concerning marginal sciences research.

Bill’s unique abilities in the field of Dowsing have led to locating water, oil, minerals, ores and other substances the world over; serving governments, developers, commercial establishments, water companies, mining operators and domestic clients in a variety of remote locating needs, He is considered one of the foremost authorities on Primary Water exploration and also the art of Map Dowsing, which serves to target remote, specific sites in advance. This is valuable, time saving reconnaissance prior to the actual field-work.

Bill Dowsing with Aurameter in Bilbao, Spain

For the past 40 years Bill has trained hundreds of students and professionals giving hands-on instruction with dowsing instruments in workshops, specialized clinics and numerous lectures on five continents. He has published eight books on Dowsing and produced the internationally acclaimed, 55 minute film and DVD entitled Discover Dowsing. A more recent tape is now available called A Dowsing Workshop.

Other past activities include Charter member, Secretary of the U.S. Psychotronics Association from 1974-1978 and Honary Advisor and featured author to Akademia Okamoto (Alternative Technology Studies and Research) in Japan.