Workshop Q & A – with Bill Cox

Dowsing and Timing

Here’s a little Dowsing tip that has rescued me from likely exasperations and failures:

When attempting to detect subtle energy emanations from invisible or hidden things, I frequently observe whether myself, or my instrument are moving too slow or too fast in any given situation. There are definite limits: Slowness and over-caution invite tenseness and doubt. Conversely, excessively hyper movements can cause loss of contact. With sluggishness, we never seem to catch up. We are often admonished by signs saying, that with vehicles: “Speed Kills.” Well, with Dowsing it also destroys…, by diconnecting one’s Mind and Dowsing Device from the intended source, objective or target. Allow sufficient, but not too much time for your Dowsing instrument to react; most particularly before you enter or leave the immediate energy field containing that which is sought. Find the assured, happy medium that intuitively discriminates between the excesses of drag and haste. Then carefully stay the course, and “Find It.”

Can one dowse from a hand drawn map?

A.. Bill Cox was a professional Map Dowser for over 30 years… “I agree with my late Mentor, Verne L. Cameron, who successfully performed Map Dowsing assignments for 44 years, before I became active with the remote locating work.

“If one is careful, one can accurately Dowse a hand-drawn map, as well as any commercially printed chart.” One must be very careful in any attempt to pin-point an exact site at a distance. The possibility of error proportionately increases, when any lines, drawings, configurations and relationships are not drawn to scale. Otherwise, the principles of Dowsing remain the same; whether one is Dowsing a sketch, hand-drawn map or even a transparent overlay.


Hope this helps.

Bill Cox

About Meditating in a Pyramid?

Pyramid meditationA. EGYPTIAN – Medation Pyramids. Careful study reveals several unique and beneficial qualities that may be derived from Pyramid Meditation. Experienced Meditators relate profound results in their quest for expanded awareness.

Visualization, safe breathing techniques, posture and mantras reportedly heighten the process. Symbols, focusing crystals, color and sound have been introduced for hundreds of years. Extensive research also reveals the value of Meditation, enabling one to attain an advanced level of awareness.

Transcendental Meditators have claimed relief from insomnia, various addictions, mental confusion and stress. Further testimonials show decided improvement with wellness, personality development, job performance, and learning abilities. Faster reaction time; increased self control and self confidence are the rewards of right meditation.

From several thousand testimonials, both verbal and written, among experienced and non-experienced pyramid meditators throughout the world, the open-frame, panel-less pyramid form shows the following consistently reported eight basic reactions.

  1. A sense of weightlessness
  2. Electric-like tingling sensations
  3. Feelings of warmness, usually in the upper portions of the body
  4. Tranquility, relaxation and freedom from tensions
  5. Dreams with vivid colors and graphic visions
  6. External stimuli, sight and sounds particularly fade away
  7. Time distortion, Space consciousness prevails
  8. Deeper, more fulfilling meditations and higher energy levels

Bill Cox

Charging Water Under a Pyramid

The prime location for charging water – in an open bowl, rather than in a bottle or other covered container – is to place the bowl just under the apex. There’s more energy force and less time required if you place the experiment up high in the pyramid, instead of sitting the bowl of water on the floor. There is a mistaken notion that the larger the pyramid, the greater the force. This is not true. It’s all about location, rather than size. If the full or new moon and sunspot cycles are at their maximum, then the force will be substantially greater, and the time for charging will be less. If you make your test just under the apex during the same period, it should only take from a few days to ten days, depending on the water quantity being charged. A few gallons should fit this scale.

About Pyramid Frame kits

P201 FULL KIT – 8 Aluminum Tubings Framework
P202 FULL KIT – 8 Copper Tubings Framework
P203 FULL KIT – 8 Galvanized Iron Tubings Framework

Q. I would like to know about your Pyramid Connecting Corners Kits.

A. Our Pyramid Connecting Corners Kit (Copper Plated) continues to be extremely popular. It gives anyone the flexibility to build an indoor Meditation model, to their own required size, using readily available copper tubing from a local hardware store. When assembled, one can place the Pyramid model on the floor, or suspend it from a ceiling. We make no representation that copper is superior; but over the years, certain people have preferred copper; claiming that they receive improved energy benefits and reactions while meditating inside a model of this type.
Our Aluminum Connecting Corners Kit is also very popular. It is designed for Galvanized iron frameworks, which are readily available from a local hardware store. Anyone can easily assemble this Pyramid model, which is ideal for use in a garden. It is well known that placing an open-frame Pyramid over plants can greatly enhance their growth and richness of texture and color. Also, because, the galvanized tubings are of a larger diameter, the entire model is heavier, and will withstand rougher use and extreme weathering.

Can a Pyramid help my garden for insect infestation?

A. In my 35 years of professional dowsing – and that of my late mentor, Verne L. Cameron – during his 44 years of professional experiences, no fixed lengths or distances separating L-rods is ever required; except that the rods are positioned directly forward; a comfortable distance apart; and reasonably level with the horizon.

Finding precious metals – or whatever? – depends upon phrasing the right question(s) posed in proper order while employing a reliable set of code responses developed well beforehand, so that the instruments’ reactions operate beyond one’s physical control via one’s autonomic nervous system. Don’t allow anyone’s own notions and limitations to invade your own unique approach to dowsing. I can assure you that unnecessary dowsing fixations continue to be legion among locators the world over.

I’ll vouch for the following rules maintained by old-timers, all of which seem to be unerringly true:

The object, or objective of one’s quest must first exist… Avoid preconceived notions and out-of-control expectations. Finally, Always remain steadily focused while sustaining continuous (unbroken) contact with the specific goal of your search.

Good luck, Bill Cox

How to correctly align a Pyramid?

A: The sides, not the corners, should be aligned with the cardinal points of the compass. It is true that we have magnetic adjustments to make according to our planetary location. Since these corrections vary, I have always recommended that one should instead use the Celestial Pole Star, which is the best method. There are different ways to do this. You have access to a chart of the star-lit heavens (libraries have these in astronomy books.) If you havn’t already found a way to identify the North Star faintly shining off the end of the cup in the Big Dipper, you can otherwise look into local street maps. If necessary, check with the road department where you live. In most cases, due to the U.S.G.S mapping of township, range and section lines done about 80 years ago, many towns and streets have been designed with “Celestial North,” serving as the “True” bearing for all cardinal points. So check with the alignment of the street or highway running in front of your home; and the layout of your house lot itself. In this situation, you can “eye-ball” the right direction and use that as a guide. Research over the years shows that a properly constructed pyramid can deviate from “True North” by up to 5 degrees either way off north, before any noticeable loss of pyramid energy could be made. Hope these suggestions are of helpful.

Bill Cox

What about other so-called Pyramid Shapes?

A. Your comments about the tall, 4 x 4 base sides pyramid are appreciated. With nearly a century of orthodox scientific, and pseudo scientific research to support or deny the efficacy of pyramid (form) energy, I’d like to offer these comments: The Columbia Encyclopedia, defines the pyramid form in this way:

“The true pyramid exists only in Egypt, though the term has been applied to structures of a similar, general shape found in other countries.” [Structures of a pyramidal form are not necessarily true pyramids.] With this in mind, we must also honor years of serious experimentation and reports involving miniaturized, model representations of the Great Pyramid, whose true angles and degrees are an established, scientific fact (the interior included angle is arbitrarily accepted as 51 degrees 51 minutes 14.3 seconds) The Great Pyramid’s triangular sides which join at the apex, slope at an angle with the ground at approximately fifty degrees. Thus, any pyramidal shape that deviates in structure from the mother form, is therefore not a true pyramid. It is an altered pyramidal shape.

Scientists have also publicly demonstrated, that if one pours dry beach sand out of a container onto a flat surface, as the sand pile grows ever taller, its slope will continually remain at the same angle as the Great Pyramid at Giza. By comparison, similar yet individual characteristics exist between pylons, cylinders, columns, minarets or obelisks. If there were no difference between them, of course we wouldn’t have so many names and styles defining them. Even a barrel may be quite different than a basic cylinder or that of a cube. Their shapes and form energy actions are not the same. In actual practice, as we also know for example, wines and beer are commonly stored in barrels. Reports indicate that if beer or wine is kept in squared (cube-like) containers, the contents will soon go flat.

But back to the altered pyramidal framework you mentioned. Over time, I think you will find that reactions vary from subject to subject. Accumulated data is extremely important. A few testimonials without solid, responsible research to back them up are of limited value, that is, within the larger scope of the worldwide pyramid investigations that have been going on over the decades. Still, we are without any published experimental results involving the “ben ben” type structure. So these comments are not directed at attacking your findings – for all useful information is welcome. It is the potential for mis-labeling the form’s precise angles that are in question.

Good Luck, Bill

How Many Pyramids Have Been Built?

A: I doubt if any one knows the answer. However, if we’re talking about the big ones… say 30 feet or higher, there could be up to a hundred or more. These include the Great Pyramid complex and other huge Pyramids in Egypt; those in the USA, Iraq, Mexico, South America, China, New Zealand, and a variety of those located in the Sudan, along with under-sea structures featured over the years in the Pyramid Guide newsletter. Many grown-over pyramids known to exist, are yet to be unearthed in Mexico, Central and South America. Perhaps several hundred pyramids as monuments of lesser height could be added the world over. Although an exciting and worthwhile endeavor, I stopped counting these twenty years ago, as a plethora of new reports were continually turning up in the mail.

Bill Cox

On Pyramids and Mummification ...

Here’s a general question that continually comes up for discussion:

Q. “Does scientific proof exist, that any pyramid can cause mummificaton?”

A. Abundant proof, established by laboratory experiments and other discoveries in this century, proves without a doubt, that a properly designed and constructed pyramid model – of open or enclosed framework and of any type or size – can produce biological dehydration, preservation and eventual mummification.

Investigating scientists have been repeatedly annoyed with inconsistent test results. But after years of qualified research and patient, scientific experimentation, Ventura, California engineer, Joe Parr, conclusively discovered that so-called Pyramid Power, varies according to the influences of high or low sunspot activities; full and new moon cylcles, and seasonal periods; such as spring, summer, fall and winter. Joe’s findings remind us that no matter how much we know about anything…, we need to always look beyond ….

See Dowsing PDF – page 22

What are Ley Lines?

A. Metaphysical bookstores offer several publications on Geopathic Lines. Much of the information is conflicting – depending upon which author you believe in; so before you spend your money on books, check things out with a cursory inspection of the contents, bibliographical and illustrative pages. The whole idea of surface and subterranean global vectors likely originated in Great Britain over the past few centuries. They were labeled “ley-lines” about two hundred years ago or so. Inquire into works produced by Geomantic, Ley-Line sources in UK.

A Russian scientist, developed the world grid system, which has caught on since World War I. Later on, names like “Hartman” and “Courie” and a few others, have gone on to divide the greater network down into localized patterns. Now everyone seems to have jumped onto the bandwagon; finding them going in all directions and crossing underfoot everywhere. But, to return to your request. The best place to start, would be with any Geomantic publications coming out of Great Britain, as they are the true source and have maintained perpetuitiy in their investigations over the years. As for the term “Geopathic.” It is often misused in connection with Ley and Chinese Dragon lines. Geopathics deal with noxious earth rays, pernicious damp, devil ring and “Pathogenics” (man-made anomalies, such as Electropollution, ELF Waves etc.) The research and remedies on the latter are dealt with on a completely different scale than the so-called Geopathic Lines. At least you can be aware of the confusion in properly separating these two points of investigation when you begin to look further into the subject.

Bill Cox

Oil Locating

Q. How accurate is the original Cameron Aurameter in locating oil and gas deposits?

A. There are at least three dowsing instruments that have a proven track record for locating oil and gas deposits over the years.

  • Gyrating devices, such as the Pendulum
  • The Petroleometer (the latter is no longer available today)
  • The Original Cameron Aurameter.

For dowsing purposes, the combination of Pendulum and original Cameron Aurameter on assignments, both provide wholistic coverage, as the sources of oil and gas radiate spiral (rotating) fields of energy upwards. These emanations may be easily detected with a Pendulum. After the location(s) of subterranean source(s) have been determined, the Original Cameron Aurameter adds valuable dowsing input, enabling one to search for, and outline the size of anticlines, reef pinnacles, pools etc. The Aurameter, also alows one to guage intensities, pressures and estimate depths.

In addition, one may dowse to evaluate qualities and quantities; plus investigate the possible presence, and depths, of troubling subterranean water, which might adversely affect oil drilling operations at a potential recovery site.

The Original Cameron Aurameter is a five-fold dowsing instrument: working as a directional and depthing device; an upright (inverted) pendulum and gravity wand.

The Cameron Aurameter, also rotates downward as a gravity pendulum. Initially, I occasionally prefer to use one or more of several basic pendulums while working with an “oil witness” or actual “sample.” The latter may be obtained from an already existing well at the location.

Verne Cameron’s “Oil Locating” handbook” – described on our web site – describes his years of successful oil and gas dowsing discoveries using his invention: the Petroleometer, along with the Original Cameron Aurameter, in siting oil and gas deposits over a four decade period, prior to 1970.

Our Professional Aurameter is also excellent for this type of work.

Dowsing and detecting the "Soul"

Q. I can detect through dowsing the presence of a living person at least 10 feet over a person. Could this be used to detect when the soul leaves the human body after death?

A. In “The Original Cameron Aurameter Book” – available on our web site – credible witnesses and their testimonials describe in detail Verne L. Cameron’s extraordinary spirit-form experiments with highly regarded Medium, Mark Probert over half a century ago. Cameron using his Aurameter, was able to enter a room with scientific observers present, detect the presence of a spirit entity, its location and then proceed to outline the entity’s sitting form. Also, by detecting the auric emanations from certain books previously chosen and handled by those present, Cameron was able to point out each volume selected among shelves of other books. Therefore it seems possible that a skilled Dowser, working with an Aurameter, under the right conditions, could dileneate a still or moving Spirit shape, includinfg the human soul. Good wishes – Bill Cox

Dowsing - scientific proof?

A. 1. Theories and explanations abound on how dowsing is achieved. Several possibilities exist among them. Countless testimonials provided by dowsers over the decades – even centuries – show that most humans can dowse. However, the degrees of accuracy, quality, quantities and perpetuity, vary from one person to another. Just as some students with the same training and equipment, learn to master a musical instrument far better than others, the most successful practitioners, obviously have a passion for the art and improve by training and “doing:” in the manner of golf or other sports requiring self-discipline.

2. Scientific tests validating the work over the years have included: bio-feedback equipment, potentiometers and a host of other electronic instruments in contact with a person while dowsing. Our book “AQUAVIDEO, Locating Underground Water,” presents scientific information in this regard.

Yours truly,

Bill Cox

Dowsing with " L" Rods

Q. Should my ”L” Rods be held a certain length from each other for finding metals?

A. In my 37 years of professional dowsing – and that of my late mentor, Verne L. Cameron – during his 44 years of professional experiences, no fixed lengths or distances separating L-rods is ever required; except that the rods are positioned directly forward; a comfortable distance apart; and reasonably level with the horizon.
Finding precious metals – or whatever? – depends upon phrasing the right question(s) posed in proper order while employing a reliable set of code responses developed well beforehand, so that the instruments’ reactions operate beyond one’s physical control via one’s autonomic nervous system. Don’t allow anyone’s own notions and limitations to invade your own unique approach to dowsing. I can assure you that unnecessary dowsing fixations continue to be legion among locators the world over.
I’ll vouch for the following rules maintained by old-timers, all of which seem to be unerringly true:
The object, or objective of one’s quest must first exist… Avoid preconceived notions and out-of-control expectations. Finally, always remain steadily focused while sustaining continuous (unbroken) contact with the specific goal of your search.

Good luck,
Bill Cox

Will quartz crystal improve my dowsing?

Q. Will quartz crystal help my dowsing ability?

A. Crystal usually serves as an enhancement of an already existing Dowsing instrument; rather than serving as the only device to be used. Any sensitive Dowsing instruments, should enable the operator to search for any object, substance, person pet, place or thing. The ability to find the objective or target, depends mostly on the Dowser’s ability, rather than on the device itself. A pencil or pen are useful devices for writing, but they only serve the mind and body of the operator; being useless without the will, intelligence and intuition of the one who conducts the search.

What is your research on "Pyramid Water"?

Q. What is your research and collected statements on “Pyramid Water” & what is the correct amount of time to put it under a Pyramid?

A. Decades of independent worldwide research, indicates that when water is placed in an open container on the floor of the Pyramid; such as a bowl for example, the water’s surface tension is noticeably altered within a few hours. Additionally, we received a number of reports attesting to water purification. I believe the quality and timing of the test would rely on various factors, such as how dirty the original specimen might have been; the site and immediate environment involved in the experiment, and whether the water was placed above or below the Pyramid. Results have been especially potent when the exposure was achieved near the apex – inside or outside of the model. It’s a fact that lower types of organisms that cause decay, putrefication or produce sluggish vibrations; these germs, bacteria, or whatever one labels them, don’t flourish within or near a Pyramid environment. Moreover, the taste of inferior liquids, such as cheap wines or stale orange juice, is apparently improved.

Where do I place items in my Pyramid?

A. For the experiment or test to succeed, it’s not necessary for the a container of water, milk; or any other liquid substance be placed inside of the pyramid model. The accumulate energies radiate inside, above and below the framework. Imagine that your model is the upper apex (capstone) of an invisible greater pyramid outlining and projecting below. These energies also radiate through wood shelving, although the test timing period may be slighly increased over experiments where the container is actually enclosed by the pyramid. In other words: just position the pyramid’s apex on top of the container.

Bill Cox

Integrity of a Pyramid Model

Pyramid Integrity

Q. When I hear about the integrity of a Pyramid Model I presume this refers to the angles as well as the materials used. With the angle at 51 deg 51 minutes as being correct do you have any idea how rapidly effectiveness of the pyramid falls off as the deviation away from that ideal increases. Is the reduction in energy more pronounced as the angle becomes more accurate or less accurate?

A. Any deviation from the Pyramid’s true angles of 51′ 51 degrees… may lessen the model’s effectiveness, but I believe if the numbers increase or decrease by more than a few degrees, the pyramid will still produce test results.

But the time required to achieve comparable results with a random replica, when placed alongside a properly constructed framework, the pseudo model will require substantially more time to produce the desired result.

I have no research to verify precise numbers, but as the deviations up or down increase, the outcome is lessened, and likely multiplies with ever increasing or diminishing measurements from the mean averages already suggested. Also, the tolerance for deviations in orientation from celestial north – beyond six degrees – can drastically affect the time-frame involved in most tests.

How to align a Pyramid Greenhouse?

A. We assume that you are all set on plans for design and construction of your Garden Pyramid, and only wish to be assured of correct alignment, in which case, the following advice is offered:

  • The base sides (not corners) should be aligned with the Compass Cardinal Points.
  • You can use Celestial North aligned with Polaris “North Star.”
  • Instead: Magnetic Compass North is also ok.
  • Celestial North may agree with the street direction in front of your house.
  • Alignment can safely deviate from absolute north by three or four degrees.

Good Luck,

Bill Cox

Orienting an over-bed Pyramid

A. Orientation of the bed to the cardinal points of a compass is not required. The bed need not be squared with the pyramid’s base sides. It is the pyramid itself -suspended from the ceiling – which depends upon reasonable NSEW alignment to accumulate and generate (radiate) the various energy properties within and below the framework . If you have a model that goes over the bed with leg attachments, if there is no way to align the bed and the pyramid together with the NSEW directions, research indicates that a certain amount of earth’s magnetic forces are depleted, but not eliminated.

Kindest Regards,

Bill Cox

Pyramid Composition and Cover?

Q. Does the type of material to make a pyramid support or impede the benefits of the structure? Is it necessary to cover the Pyramid shape especially when used outside?

A. Our Pyramid (Form) Energies research goes back nearly 150 years. The best information we can supply indicates: The types of materials used in fabricating a model are secondary to the integrity of measurements (angles) and rigidity of the form itself. Open frame pyramids are much more effective when biological specimens – including persons – are involved. Effective responses are particularly due to the dominance of negative ions, which are continually attracted to, and operate within and around the model. Placing a covering over the pyramid frameworks tends to partially shield out negative ions; known to produce harmonious reactions: For example, think of the invigorating negative ion experience produced by a cold shower or cool drink on a hot day. A partial covering of the apex, such as a cardboard or foil wrapping of no more than one-sixth the pyramid’s altitude, will increase the energy effects occurring within to some degree.

Is copper better than aluminium with pyramid energy?

A. Experimental research going back to the 1920s, indicate that copper is preferrable to aluminum and other metals, or finishes, due to copper’s natural electronic and biological inducing properties. Hundreds of persons from around the world meditating under, or inside of an open frame-work model (rather than alongside of, or outside of a) pyramid, report often favorable and repeatable – approximately sixteen- patterns of reactions. Some include an altered sense of time, deeper relaxation, feelings of levity, increased levels of awareness and Well-Being. Because the 6X6 foot base side (3-foot, 10 inches high) Meditation size replica accommodates one’s entire body in a sitting or so-called lotus position, responses are greater in extent, and achieved in substantially less time than sitting under, or wearing a smaller open-frame pyramid positioned atop one’s head.

Bill Cox

What is the Pyramid Generator used for?

Pyramid Generator Kirlian

A. The Generator is used for many purposes: Mummification, preservation and dehydration of organic foodstuffs and improving the taste of liquids and other edibles. The specimen is place on top of the Generator, with a charging time of several hours to several days, depending upon what is being tested or altered. Some persons report a tranquilizing effect is achieved when one or more Generators are placed under the bed. There are many other applications. Hope this helps.

Bill Cox

Will a Pyramid protect against microbes?

Q. Will a Pyramid form placed over bread stop decay?

A. It is a fact that most microbes that cause decay in foods and other perishibles, do not thrive in a properly constructed and oriented Pyramid environment. Although I havn’t done any bread tests, I feel sure the same process will occur; as the Pyramid’s finely attenuated vibrations demand and favor essences; rather than gross, low-vibrating things, even though microbes and earthy creatures serve Nature and Ourselves in so many useful ways.

Good wishes – Bill Cox