Verne L. Cameron (1896-1970)
Professional Locator

Verne Cameron

Mr. Cameron first discovered Dowsing in 1926. Within a year he had located several water well sites and springs for neighbors. His astounding professional work brought him international fame. Also, his writings on the subject of Dowsing and energies have continued to be in demand since his passing in 1970.

In 1930, Verne made a device which he called a “Water Compass”. And eventually, in 1952, after continued experimentation with that model, he arrived at the basic design of the Original Cameron Aurameter. After Verne’s passing, Bill continued to perfect the Aurameter, bringing it to it’s present day level of quality and balance. The Original Cameron Aurameter is unique as it incorporates the design on five major locating devices.

Tens of thousands of Aurameters are in use throughout the world by Master Dowsers and practitioners. They share an unanimous opinion that the Original Cameron AURAMETER is the most sensitive of all Dowsing instruments.

Verne Cameron
VERNE L. CAMERON, in 1949, poses with his older style water-compass, forerunner of the invention of his Orginal Cameron Aurameter. His Dowsing instruments were among the first to outline and measure the natural force-fields (form-energy) auras, emanating from both animate and inanimate shapes duiring the late 1920s and before WWII.

Cameron’s findings, were later verified by skeptical scientists and serious energy-of-form researchers, leading to Cameron’s remarkable cone-coil discoveries reported in the Pyramid Guide – now available on Special Offer.


It’s all in the mind of the intuitive practitioner

verne cameron dowser

The late Verne L. Cameron was suddenly asked to demonstrate his Dowsing technique for news photographer, Evaline Morrison, of the Riverside, California, Press Enterprise, in 1956. Cameron, seldom went anywhere without his Dowsing instrument, the Aurameter. But on this occasion, he had forgotten his trusty device,. So the resourceful locator, quickly retrieved a blowtorch from the trunk of his car, and used it for the photo demonstration. When asked: ” How can you Dowse with a thing like that?” Cameron replied: ” I’ve been doing this work for so long, if I need to, I can usually dowse without any device at all.” The doubting photographer took the picture anyway, and here’s the result… Bill Cox

Verne L. Cameron, well known Locator, searching out plant-energy fields with one of his many dowsing devices, (soon discarded in favor of the AURAMETER).

Picture was taken in late 1968 by Evaline Morrison, Riverside. Press-Enterprise reporter.