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This most unique publication features international observations, letters, and tests showing PYRAMID and other form-energy devices at work. Incoming data reveals how even small replicas of the Great Pyramid of Giza apparently mummify, preserve meat, poultry, fish and other organic substances; sharpen cutlery, including razor blades, knives, scissors… even electric razors. A wide array of other manifestations appear such as, meditation enhancement, accelerated plant growth, and activities in nature not readily explained by our physical sciences.

Little known discoveries (try finding this information in your local library), show how model representations of the Great Pyramid – when the panels are aligned with the cardinal points of the compass – gather energies manifesting at both outside and inside corners, along the ridges, above and below the apex and a host of other emanations such as vortices causing dowsing rods and pendulums to gyrate above the models. The wide variety of force-fields activate wands, Aurameter, swing rods, and similar divining instruments. These energies are sometimes felt by operators, without the aid of any mechanical device whatsoever.

Energy of form, (free energy), experiments join cogent comments from researchers throughout our planet; supplemented by rare photos, hard to find graphs, illustrations, and measurements for making your own pyramid models (table sized to thirty foot high prototypes). All can be found within the pages of THE PYRAMID GUIDE

The ‘Guide’s multi-faceted character adds feature articles covering twenty-five years of tests and remarkable findings by the world renown, and late Dowsing Mentor, Verne L. Cameron, showing his work with pyramids, spheres, cubes, hemispheres, cylinders and other geometric forms; all of these, and cone-shapes, act as self accumulating-generating shapes of some type of Cosmic energy and innumerable bands of solar, lunar, light, electric, magnetic, auric, vitic, and psychic energies vibrating in our earth plane.

The study includes reports on bio-energetics, psychotronics, PK phenomena, the Hieronymus Box (Eloptic Energy), Dowsing machines, music, and color of the spheres, telepathic and energy awareness, the human aura, wavefronts from all animate substances and inanimate objects, Bio-Feedback, Kirlian photography and other research related to Pyramid and form energy

original Newsletters - Articles and Topics covered:

No. 1 September-October '72 ... The Pendulum & the Pyramid, The Amazing Cameron Cone & Pyramid Effects, Verne Cameron's Great Discovery, The Legendary Gold Ben Ben, Divining the Aura, Capstones, Orienting the Replica, Pyramids of the Mind, Tape Recorded Interview with Cameron.

No. 2 ... The Astonishing Cameron Cones, Energy of Form Explained, Preserving Perishables, Ra Worship & The Perfect Pvramid, Dowsing Thought Forms, Diagram for Making your Own Pyramid Replica.

No. 3 . . . The Merrigan Clock Mystery, Pyramid - Cone Differential, Conic Energy Behavior, Great Pyramid - The Third Theory, A Haunting Paradox, Brainwave Patterns, Dowsing & The Body Aura, Diagram for Making Your Own Cone, Orienting the Replica, The Bishop's Rule, Rate Photo Of Hieronymus Box.

No. 4 ... Psychotronic Generators, The Pyramid Angle & Diagram, Comments From Readers On: Electroculture, Fourth Dimensional Wave-meter, Zero Gravity, Space Needles & Etheric Power, The Pyramid As A Form, Replica Affecting Television Reception and The Replica Inducing Dreams.

No. 5 ... Hand Levitation ... De-Levitation inside the Pyramid replica, Defying Gravity, Meditation Pyra'mid with Diagram for Constructing Your Own, Computerized Pi Formulas. Mathematical Guide to Making Pyramid Models of Any~ize. The Great Pyramid Decoded, The Cameron Cones, Local Apparent Noon, The Pyramid Shadow and Orientation.

No. 6 ... Fourth Dimension Wave-meter, Dowsing Response From Two-dimensional Symbo/ic Patterns, Thoughts On Symbols, The Last Wondgr, Replicap, History of Levitation, Auric Shift, Mind to Matter, Pyramids in Series, Dehydration Tests, Simplified Pyramid Dimension Formula, Strange Forms From Signature Emanations, Has Verne Cameron Found the Ether?

No. 7 ... Replica Turns Milk into Cheese, High Magic, Emanations from Crystal Forms, Wood Into Stone, Dowsing Auric Emanations, the Energy of Crystals and Stones, The Lodestone, Re-locating the Great Pyramid, Hidclen Chambers, The Wire Pyramid, Audible Hums & Strange Sounds, Cone & Coil Rays Alike. Banjo Device, In and Out of Pyramid Parallels, The Symbolic Pattern, A Cone Cyclotron, Verne Cameron's Notebook.

No. 8 ... Sharpening the Razor Blade, People in Pyramid Structures, Perforated Pyramids Change Energy Patterns, All Granite Replica, Replica Alters Aura, Light From Darkness, The Vortex and Weightlessness, Turks Who Live in Stone Cones, A Fifth Form of Energy, Feeling Emanations with the Aurameter, Kirlian Photography, The Human Pyramid, House & Meditation Pyramids.

No. 9 . . . The Pyramid's Power Range, Replica Charges Batteries, Time Warps, Lights to Remember, Pyramids as Living Monuments, Rays from BJessed Objects, Pyramid Food Tastes Better, Viewing Phenomena Through Prisms, Dowsing Into the Past, Perpetuum Mobile, Clunker-mid, Dowsing Doodlebug, Do-it-yourself Replicas, The Tetrahedron, Mechanics of Crystal Gazing, Panel-less Pyramid, Dowsing the Whirling Chakras.

No. 10 . . . Generator Time Shift, Hemisphere Conserving Energy, Living Legends, Stonehenge, Pyramid Traps, Untraps Light, Magnetic Field Changes, Dowsing Pyramids, Mental Beams and Cone-Rays, the Maltese Cross, Chalice Well, Replica Reducing Rust, Letters, Comments on Orgone Energy.

No. 11 ... Musical Pyramid, Sufi Builds Energies, Glastonbury Modern Miracles, Music of the Spheres, Super Laser, Perpetual Motion, Gravity Waves, Voices in Stone, Message of the Great Pyramid, Earth Energy, Spectrone Color Pyramid Lamp. The Hieronymus Machine, Pyramid Designs in Astral Consciousness, Heavy Psi in Russia, Pyrameditation.

No. 12 ... Pyramid Stimulates Plant Growth, GENESA, Living Geometry, The Psychic Musician, A Pro Explains Dowsing, On Magnetic North, Thoughts on Color, Measuring the Non-material World, Capstones, Letters, Worldwide Reports from Form-energy Researchers and a Great Deal More . . .

No. 13. Telepathy and beyond, New age arct~itects, Artistry at Findhorn, The pyramid church, Fads and fallacies in name of science, Pyramid replica atters brainwaves, Cameron in the wings, Heat and pyramid power sharpens blades, Bio-rhythms expressed in Great Pyramid, Electricity and astrology, Battery test, Levitate ship, Psi pathfinders, and Thoughts from a Pyramidologist.

No. 14. Fifty-foot high replica, Electroculture--energy from the sky. The magic of negative ions, Pyramid model creates photo solarization, Mummification--it's all in the form, The stupa and its significance, Telepathy -- a how to... A Dowser and his Angel, Uaat--a philosophy of science, Growing crystals in pyramid models, The source of measures, Model arouses energetic response, Replica a gem brightener, Hemispheres mummify fish.

No. 15. Why pyramid tests fait, Domes, spheres, solids and the hexa-pent, Memorial to Georgiana, Solar pyramid house, Part-scale of cosmic vibrations, The pyramid and altered states of consciousness, The psychic magician, Pyramid and magnetism, Multi-pyramid--solar cells, and Park pyramid shelters.

No. 16. A kaleidoscope of color, Sound and the higher octaves of energies, Arizona sandstone pyramid home, Cleopatra's Needle, Bio-magnetism, The human aura, More on the Human Pyramid, Form energy device, Super-tents, A touch of alchemy, Seeing sound, Dowsing techniques, and a fascinating array of letters and quotes from readers the world over.

NO. 17. Biocrystallography, its rebirth in our crystal age, A new scale of vibrations, Pyramids of an 'extinct culture, Auras and thoughtforms in action, The unknown energy bands of psychic vibrations, Compass reaction to steel pyramid, Magnetism book review, Pyramid home in the northland, Camera Obscura-a new reality, mathematical formula made visible, pyramid treated blade under an electron microscope, The Crystal Skull, and much more.

No. 18. Pyramid brings sick plant back to life, Strange shadow-like pyramids seen in Atlantic Crystal ball, Atlaritis and the Great Pyramid, Trial by fire, An etheric apparatus, A pyramid eye on the universe, Gong meditation, Forms atwork, Pyramid experiment with color and sound, Fragments of the PSI higher Cosmic scale, AGenese harmony crystal.

No. 19. The triangle--basis of life, The Oregon Vortex, Mount Shasta, a place of promise, Bugs bugged by wirecapping, Hieronymus riddle continues, Ecologos--an intentional trans-cataclysmic survival community, Advancing root race children demonstrate phenomena in Japan, Pyramid's relationship to magnetic field noted, Truncating the cone, Dowsing machine~

No. 20. The Magic Mirror-an occult television set, Mt. Shasta--real and unreal, Beutlich' spin sets, Thoughtography--and amazing demonstration, Mind and matter are one, Marcel Vogel responds to the Camera Obscura experiment, Gold of the gods in Ecuador, Smogrot decays Cleopatra's Needle, Pyramid with natural quartz crystal in place, and a host of letters from readers.

No. 21. Pyramid helps record gather sounds from other dimensions, Arthur Matthews, Tesla protege-humanitarian, How to save C~eopatra's Needle, Geomancy--dowsing the planet, Tet-rahedron charges batteries, Giant tripyramid complex, What are soul mates?, Archeological dowsing in Phoenix, Pyramid energy grid system, Stacked pyramid assembly experiment, Testascope for interplanetary contact. UnderQround rays cause auto accidents? The colossal crystal ball, Caduceus wound pyramid, Pyramidal gyrotron.

No. 22. Fountain of youth rediscovered, Cameron-Wingate find vital springs of life, Crystals and pyramids--a curious connection, Psychotronics report from Monte Carlo, The wondrous Rife microscope, Pyramid near the Roman wall, Psychic (intuitive archeology), Words from a pyramidologist--Language of the pyramid, Approximate recreation of Menger's self destruction energy device, Thought affects plant growth, More on the Teslascope, Five hundred foot-high pyramid showplace...

No. 23. Surprising appearance of vaporous form, The Gavea Stone-Brazil's Tomb-Sphinx, Water flows uphill, Pyramid greenhouse, The Coral Castle, Photographic phenomena, China's great crystal-capped pyramid, Apparitions--holographic structures in the sl< ¥.'?, Telepathic love fosters Super*bunnies, Everything sings--some natural vibrations relative to standard pitch, pyramid experiments, More exciting letters from readers, and unusual reports on form and free energy experiments...

No. 24. Today's thoughtography, tomorrow's thought-viewer, Pyramids and the planetary grid, Pyramid lights the darkness, Loaf-stone glypha, T.G. Hieronymua' " We live In two worlds," Atlantean Stonehenge, Voice-tape phenomenon In Brazil, Pyramid Valley, Twilight fireballs, Ancient pyramids and color, Cathedral, rock-tower cave, Provocative letters, Music in the Great Pyramid, Dowsing Life Force Key Symbols, a $100,000 pyramid home...

No. 25. Nevada solar pyramids, Israel In Egypt, Replica vitalizes slit, Great power: form within form, Pyramid research report, DorJe-Thunderbolt -- I PhychotronioGenerator, Pyramid shape an insulator, Pyramid ray reflection, The great capstone controversy, Pyramids as global energy stations, Earthquakes triggering pyramid energy,: C';mn the pyramid form be dangerous, Vapormld, Capstone Comments...

No. 26. Egypt and the Atlantean Crystal, Secrets of the ages, Levitation la here, Pyramid-mania, Pyramid sex-life, super-babies, mummies under the pyramid and other false notions, Levitation -- seeing Is believing, Crystal In the pyramid, Siarl Levity Disk, Space-ag{m, alchemists, Third-eye pyramid stigmata, Capstone controversy continues, Music and aatrol-ogy, Thoughtform device powers auto...

No. 27. Moray'a radiant energy device -- Cosmic energy can light our homes, The Great Pyramid (Hidden Chamber], Pyramid tests at 'Sundance,' Hair styling under the pyramid, Whammond's views on anti-gravity, Pyramid ray reflection analysis, Questions to, and answers from Mr. Pyramid, Spirals in Space, Apparitions -- Puzzling visual frequencies, Ecstasy at Garabsndel, Solar boat, Pyramid terrace of Lotus...

No. 28. The Eye in the Crystal, The Great Pyramid: the life within and the 'Being' in the pyramid, The psychic kiss, Swimming in the ether, Number-Chakra-Chamber-Gland-Body area -- Mind Senae association-Element-Activity and Sound Vibration Chart, Relationships between space and sound, Return of lost knowledge, Seeing the pyramid's aura, Magic squares, Dowsing the pyramid, China pyramids, The Great Pyramid and classical flat spice, Pyramid UFO...

No. 29. In Search of the Hidden Chamber, St. Louis, Pyrcmidology Conference -- Moving the Eriergles Around, Ancient Egyptian Markings Found In Southwest U.S.A., The Earth: A Living, Breathing Being, Pyramid Complex Explodes Ughtbulb, The Falcon In the Pyramid, Third EYe-Mystical Eyes Study, Glza and the Golden Number, UFO Contactee, the Golden Number Cahokla Pyramid Moundl, Grand Teton: A Holy Place, Frontier Mars, A multi-Pyramid Matrix, Ancient Gematrla, The Great Pyramid in Relationship with Classical, Flat Space, The Preserving Qualifies of Pyramids and Ions, The Eye Above the Great Pyramid, UFO-like, Lenticular Clouds...

No. 30. Great Pyramids in the ocean, Bermuda Triangle -- I time-fold pyramid, Words of Wisdom from Whammond, Answer to levitation, The Cameron Cone, Significant planetary points, The Great Pyramid -- all things to all people, Advanced scientist shares his peadl, The legend of Jade, Ancient lade-suit prince, Moving mystery stones, Terrestrial geometry, 'Okop' pyramid of Qulntina Roo, Dowsing at the Great Pyrcmld, Ancient Pyramids Ring the Planet, Jade, an Instrument of Local and Distant Communication, The Eye Symbol In the Crystal, Transmitting Energy from One Form Into Another, Suggested Pyramid Experl-mints, The Cochimi Indians, Probable Pyramid Builders of the 'Hu Kuma Ka', Pyramid, Cap and Recap, The Genes,, Love Crystal...

No. 31. The Mystery Priest of Pilenque, The Great Pyrcmid: Sounding Through the Zodiac, The Vanishing Dragons, The Sub-Sea Pyramids, An Editorial Observation, The Great pyre-mid & Replicas: All Things To All People, Pyramid On Plain Pulls Pendulum Off Vertical Line, Spheres Falling From Space, Monolithic Mysteries: A Search for the Truth, The Secret Mantras Revealed, A Glza Pyramid On Mars?, Advanced Research Scientist Shares Hll Pearls, Pyramid Replicas Energize Water, Alternating Ruorblede Experiment, Seimounts and Abyssal Hills, Chlni's Jade Prince and Princess, A Pyrcmld Tomb in Ch'len-HIkm, Shensi, China...

No. 32. Earth, A Conscious, Thinking " Being," Pyramid Temple of Quintana Roo; An Atlantis, Alexandrian Library Connection; The Adams-Dragon Odyssey, Unravelling the Ocean Bottom, Pyramid Mystery; In the Eye of the Triangle, Komar Out-thinks Pain, Psycho-Acoustics, a Musical, Anti-Frantic Alternative; The World. [Earth] Brain's Two Hemispheres; The Answer to Levitation, Pendulum-Pyramid and Food Observatior. s; Wisdoms of Whammond, True Models of the Great Pyramid; Hollow Earth Civilizations, Do They Exist? Words from Gilbert Milne; The Dragon and the Serpent, The Dove In the Zodiac.

No. 33. The Pillars of Hercules, Atlantis Beneath the Sea Part I, The Colossus of Rhodes; How to Make a Maze, The AJna Center of the World, Arcus on the Delta, Tuning in from Within; Ancient Architecture from Space, Genesa, Tape interview with a Genetic Genius, Part II; A Mind Energy Focusing Device, Levitating Stone, Organic Gardening and Pyramid Effects; Age-Old Leaf Foil Measuring Symbol, Capstoned Domes; Dowsing at the Giza Pyramid [Math Plotting a Secret Site], McCollum's Phi Spiral: Physical [Human] Anatomy Correspondencies with the Nile Delta.

No. 34. A Musical-Electrical Discovery Atop the Great Pyramid, The Sphinx Mysteries and a Hidden Entrance; Atlantean Civilizations and Secrets from the Sea, Part II Conclusion, Wild Garden, Photo of a Water-Sprite, Starship Ezekiel, Tape Interview with a Genetic Genius, Part II; Scientists Photograph the Ether, Basic Compass Readings on a 12" Pyramid; Iridology, the Eyes Have It, The Aerostatic Grape Picker, Letters; Pyramids as Ancient Global Communications Network, Pyramid Mudras, A 4,000 Year-old, Underground City, The Sphinx Message for All Times, Atlantis, an Epic Scene of Ancient Grandeur.

No. 35. Another Kind of Levitation, Copper Chisels Didn't Cut Pyramid Stones, Return of the Atlanteans, Cleopatra's nose; 'Showbiz' Pyramid Erected at Giza; The Rod and Chant that Caused Stones to Float, The Big Sun of Mercury, The Pyramid, Long Life and Rejuvenation, Understanding Pyramid Energies, Transmitter or Receiver; A Search for the Lost Hall of Records, A Pyramid Interior, Teals/Matthews Outer Space Connection [Andrija Puharich tape Interview Part I], The Perplexing Coffer-Tone, The Sepulchral Chamber of Men-Ka-Ra.

No. 36. Indian Medicine Wheels as Energy Centers, A Worldwide Pyramid Quest, An Ancient Egyptian Energy Connection; Feng-Shui [Wind .and Water] In Geomancy, Ark of the Covenant [God's Weapon], Metal Cones in Series, Cone Throne In the Sky; Mechanical Levitation -- A Magnetic Lift in Brittain; Pyramid, Ridge-Light Luminescence, Some Thoughts on " Tut," Phantom Pyramids In a Crystal, Tesla/Matthaws Connection with Andrija Puharich Part II, A Pyramid Shelter In Mexico: The Sphinx, Silent Sentinel and Guardian of Earth's Great Mysteries, Towers of Power, and Egyptian Energy Symbols.

No. 37. Zones Within the Replica, The Great Pyramid's Vaunted Vaults, A Below-ground Repository of Ancient Wisdom? The Glastonbury Giants; A Walk In the Weeds, Secret Pyramid Chambers, A Composite, Great Pyramid's Inner Apartments and Subterranean Hall [illustration], Bird Ringing and a Dream Vision, Images in Stone; An Inner-Flowing Between Forms, Another Form of Energy; Supposed and Actual Tomb. of Noah, Great Grotto of Topazes, Lawn with Pyramid Base Greener; A Silent Meditation Reading, A Puerto-Rico, Group Therapy Pyramid, Atlantic, Sub-Sea Pyramid Letter; Dyslexia, Other World Vision; T.M. Levitation, T. Galen Hieronymus Photo.

No. 38. Search for Underwater Pyramids, Magnetism Intensities Pyramid Tests. Hair as a Psychic Antenna, Anatomy of a Conference, Ancient Relics Found, Ashepoo with Pyramid Finder, Genius and Reincarnation, Can Tibetan Culture Endure? Ancient Egyptian Engineering, Psychokinetic Pyramid, Ring of Cheops, Dragless -- Massless Ether, Zodiac Order, Dyslexia Other World Vision, How to Fly a Saucer, Why I Believe in Subterrean Civilizations, The Shadoff & Sakai, Pharoah's Treasure, Raising the Nile.

No. 39. Great Pyramid's Highwater Mark, Lost Pyramids in Peru, Case for Distilled Water, Mystery of Memory, Living on Air, Mecury Photo Mystery, Crude Oil from Plants, Psychotronics 1978, Flying Man, Omni-Directional Pyramid, Accurate Natural Indian Calendar, Agharta -- Legendary Sub-Kingdom. Continents Sink -- Oceans Rise, Quartz Influences Earth Currents, World Pyramids, Sunset on the Gobi Desert.

No. 40. Pyramid Magnetism Detected, California Quake Predictions, Little China Bottles in Egypt, Future Memory, Decoding Pyramid Secrets, Point Conception -- Sacred Indian Portal in the West, Getting Charged Up, Pyramids of the World, Accurate Natural Calendar Part II, Morganhenge, Agharta -- Hollow Earth, Saudi Mystery Rings, The Great Pyramid -- Who Built it? Pacific Quake Horseshoe Zone.

No. 41. Peruvian Pyramid Enigma Continues, Shamballa -- Dream or Reality? Little Green Acre, Body Electric, Great Calif. Quake Warning, Introduction to Geomancy, Energy Conference Report, Cicadas & the Pyramid, An A.R.E. Pyramid, Ark on the Mount, Pyramid Dimensions & the Golden Number, Environmental Opinion Questioned, Egyptian Pyramid Overview, Evidence of Wheels Before Wheels, Paititi -- Lost City in the Andes, a Unique Pyramid Home.

No. 42. Chinese Pyramids Correctly Aligned? Wonderful Discoveries in Egypt, The Shark's Electric Perception, Outside Rosette, Ankh Standing Stones, Shamballa Part II, Hooray for Hopi indians, Defending Sacred Measures, Message in the Pyramid's Eye, M.E.V.S. Creator of the Great Pyramids, Along the Sphinx Temple Wall, Nile Delta Lotus, Geometry & the Great Pyramid, Cosmic Energy Photo in the Great Pyramid, Ancient Music & Musicians, A Pyramid in Great Brittain.

No. 43. Man the Human Harp, Group Meditation in the Queen's Chamber, Pyramid Mysteries Deepen, Passageway to Lost Hall of Records, Objective VS Subjective Music & Art, Geometric Pods, Light from Sound, Strange Subterranean Wall Symbols, Giza Pyramids -- Final Decoding Book Review, Meditation & Skylab, Electrical Action at a Distance, Shamballa Part III, Pyramids of the World, Joshua Jericho & Sound, Instruments of Initiation, Pyramid Sun-Shadow, Seven Unusual Books Reviewed, Ancient Egyptian Energy Devices, The Zoser Pyramid.

No. 44. Pharoah's Move, Miraculous Mind Mirror, Bird Navigation by Infrasound, Multiple Perceptions, Pyramid Experiments gone Awry, Great Pyramid's Unique Geometry, Great Pyramid & Pharoah's Pump, Power of Ultra-sound, Solar-Lunar Eye of Egypt, Pyramids of the World, Nine Significant New Age Books Reviewed (Mana Physics, etc), Shamballa Part IV Conclusion, Power of Egyptian Ankh, Great Pyramid Divides World's Land Mass, Life Energies -- Secret is in the Form.

No. 45. UFO Case & Vanishing Pilot, Day Sun Stood Still, Forgotten Geometry, Subliminal VS Supraliminal Perceptions, Extraterrestrial inscriptions, Nikola Tesla -- Two Book Reviews, Measures -- Sacred & Profane, Distressing Animal Husbandry, Sphinx & the East -- Maha Jyotisa, Mind Bending Metal, Sounding a Mayan Temple, Light from Sound, Reflections from the Mind Mirror, Rocky McCollum's Giza Survey, Ancient Engineers, The Bent Pyramid, Peace Generated from Within, Study of Ancient Egyptian Head-dress.

No. 46. Free Energy Machine. UFO Contact from Pleaides. Beat Generation Psychic. Cosmic Awareness. Ancient Lamplight. Sacred Measures. Exploring the Great Pyramid. Solid State Burial Chambers. UFO, Vanishing Pilot I1. Physical, Non-Physical Dowsing.

No. 47. Pyramid affects Gamma Rays. Angelic Music. Message from Hermes. In Search of Holy Grail. Ancient-Modern Weight Movement. Ghost Limbs. Dowsing Secrets. Shape, Sound & Color. Rotating Discs. Free Energy Electricity II. Stop Animal Cruelty. Pyramid & Full Moon. Herbs Refouind. World Pyramids.

No. 48. Music Symbols in the Bible. Pyramid Builders. Russian Pyramid. Grail Mysteries. " Oast" form. Eclipse Pattern. Higher Electricity. Egyptian Form Energy. Symbolic Cross. Math Mysteries. Shiva Yoga. Manmade UFOs. Dowsing Goodies. Secret Measures.

No. 49 through 55 HIGHLIGHTS. Rod of Power. The Sphinx. Moses Power. Pyramid Music. The Ether. Pyramid Tests. Ancient implants. Shiva Yoga. Life on Other Worlds. The Sixes. Growing Crystal.

No. 50. World Chakras. Clairaudience. Spiritual Exercises. Psychic Dentistry. Animal Torture. Ancient Flute. Early Eqyptian Technologies. Deadly Ultra-Violet. Opening Third Eye. Mystery Temples. Save Amazon. Algebra of Alchemy. G.P. Secret Grotto. Key Artifact. Sixes in Space. Book Reviews. Spacy Tomb Symbols.

No. 51. Laser Head-dress. Egyptian Mysteries Explored. Condensers Controlled Nile. 6 " Cs." Puzzling Stone Nicke. Queens Chamber. Pyr-crystal Test. 5 " Star Beings." Photo Anomaly. Form & Time. Chemistry to Alchemy. Ice Cream Fright. Solar Boat. Answers from Spirit. Pyramid Home. Sphinx Dated. Great Pyramid Discovery. Initiation. Top of G.P.

No. 52. Overcoming Gravity. Space Sans Geometry. Two Right Hands? Right Brain Misfits. Lemuria. Curious Niche. Pyramid-Neg. Ion Test. Pyramid. Air Passage. Assyrian Ankh. Initiatic Instruments. Mystery of Accidents. Truth Quest. Transcendent Electricity. Brushing the Aura.

No. 53. Mummy's Return. Phantom Vibes. Cosmic Fire. Pathetic Fallcy. Pyramids in Crystals. Pyramid Machine. Pyramid. Shadows. Ancient Mudra. Consciousness Understood. Head Shaping. Alternative Energies. Shiva Yoga. Scientific Pyramid. Tests. Disolving Stone. Sound at Chichen-ltza.

No. 54. New-Age, New-World. Cheops as Pumping Plant. Prophets & Profits. Law-Giver, Law-Speaker, Law-Maker, Revealer. Your Signature in Hieroglyphs (Chart). Ark of Covenant. Mystical View of Evolution. New Discoveries from Silent Science. Scarab, Symbol of Brain. Precise Pyramid. Measurements. Vibes II. Reincarnation. Shiva Yoga IV. The Pagoda. Pyramidology. Hermetic Planes. Dolphins Perform. Pyramid Magnetometer. From the Editor's Travel Notebook. Assyrian Ziggurat.

No. 55. FINAL EDITION... New Directions. The SUN, Lifegiver. Eidetic Puzzle. Trials of Tesla. Coral Castle. Unsolved UFO Mystery. Point of Ascension. Sphinx Study. India's Ancient Iron Pillar. Vibes III. Words Materialized. Indian Doll Goddess. Mayan Pyramid. Construction. Sounding a Mexican Standing Stone. Earth Energy Ring. Egypt Snake Charmer. Kaikoura


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